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Off the coast of County Kerry you’ll find this pair of stunning Skellig Islands, sharply rising from the Atlantic water. Now uninhabited these islands were once called home by a group of christian monks sometime between the 6th and 8th century before being abandoned in the 12th century.

Remains of the monastic settlement can still be seen today.


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There are still some settlers on the islands. Just as the monks did centuries ago, many of the near extinct Puffin birds have sought out sanctuary from predators and human interference on Skellig Michael.


To truly enjoy the beauty of these islands we recommend taking a boat tour which will circle the islands and allow you to set foot on Skellig Michael, the larger of the two, and explore the remains of the monastery and enjoy the amazing views of the Irish coastline as well as the vast horizon of the Atlantic Ocean.


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Getting there

Should you be interested in driving the Wild Atlantic Way route and visit the Skellig Islands, Europcar offers car rental service from 18+ locations to choose from. Visit Europcar for more information.

A list of tour operators can be found here

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