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Mizen Head, Co. Cork


Mizen Head | Wild Atlantic Way by Europcar

When arriving at the dramatic Mizen Head, visitors are often surprised to find there is no more land; nothing at all heading due south until Portugal. Also known as “Ireland’s Last Teardrop”, Mizen Head is the furthest south anyone can stand on Ireland’s mainland. Another major attraction along the Wild Atlantic Way, a main transatlantic shipping route passes nearby, making Mizen Head many seafarers’ last glimpse of Europe as they head out into the unforgiving ocean. Characterised by its dramatic cliff scenery, visitors come from all over to take in the beauty and to brave stepping off the mainland.

By climbing down the steps at the very end of the peninsula, adventurers can cross a high arched suspension bridge connecting Ireland proper to a rocky precipice, which stretches further out into the cold Atlantic. Happily, this bridge is built to withstand the full force of nature, allowing travellers to cross safely onto Mizen Head itself. There can be found an old signal station, a working weather station, and Fastnet lighthouse which has been guiding ships safely past for over a hundred years. The signalling station, once operational and manned permanently, is now the Head’s visitor centre and a museum dedicated to the important role of Mizen Head in Ireland’s naval and maritime history. A little further out to sea is Fastnet Island, the real teardrop of Ireland, with its lighthouse standing unwaveringly on top.

Mizen Head Signature Point – Wild Atlantic Way

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