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Malin Head, Co. Donegal


Malin Head | Wild Atlantic Way by Europcar

The furthest north you can drive in Co. Donegal has already been touched on briefly, however, it bears a little more investigation. The Atlantic Ocean has spent millions of years pounding at the coastline, carving a ragged character into the dramatic scenery. It’s a popular hang-out all types of wild birds, including regular visitors all the way from Greenland, Iceland and North America, such as shearwaters, skuas, gannets, auks and many more, as they pass by on their southward migration flights. On occasion, even the rare, distinctive and loud call of the landrail can be heard on Malin Head.

And it’s not just birds that can enjoy the curious rock formations. Huge crevices, particularly one known as Hell’s Hole, attract walkers and visitors. Hell’s Hole is an especially long, deep and narrow chasm that echoes to the constant roar of sea water being tossed through it. Banba’s Crown offers an outstanding panorama of the surrounding coastline, and was the spot where loved ones would gather to waved goodbye to their families as they embarked on the long and treacherous voyage across the sea, to America.

Malin Head Signature Point – Wild Atlantic Way


Also these highlights in the Donegal region are worth visiting;

Sliabh Laig aka Slieve League – lesser known impressive cliffs and is the Ireland’s highest cliff.

Fanad Head – The furthest north you can drive in Co Donegal.